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We are lucky
to be the stewards of 22 acres of diverse land including field, meadow and woodland.

We see ourselves as soil farmers, and realize that we are deeply interconnected with all that lives and grows here. The health of the soil and ecosystems
here guide us in all that we do in regards to growing and helping the land here flourish.
We believe that by growing with organic methods we can create soil that will nourish and nurture not only our present community, but the future generations to come. 

We use a lot of compost and organic amendments as well as crop rotation, mulch, cover cropping, and other time tested ways of growing to keep our soils healthy and productive. We do not use plastic mulch, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our farm grows not only in a "no spray" fashion, but also uses certified organic non-GMO seeds and our own plant starts, and we follow strict organic growing guidelines to ensure healthy produce from start to finish, not only in the finished produce but also in regards to air and soil quality here at the farm.

Blue Dog Family Farm
Battle Creek, Michigan